HVAC Maintenance in Tucson

SAYCO offers the best HVAC maintenance and repair service in the Tucson area. We’ve been serving this community for nearly 70 years, so we have plenty of experience in keeping you cool.

Our technical services extend to all areas of heating and cooling. From air ducts to water heaters, we even handle electrical systems and furnace repairs. Our highly experienced technicians can troubleshoot and complete any HVAC repair on any standard manufacture system, or any custom-built system.

In fact, we fabricate all sheet metal work in our own workshop here in Tucson and install it ourselves, so no matter the issue, you’ll be sure of a job that’s customized just for you.

Save money on heating, ventilating and air conditioning repairs

If you’re trying to decide whether you should repair your existing AC or upgrade to an HVAC installation, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Firstly, newer HVAC systems are far more energy-efficient than previous generations of air conditioning and heating systems. This will significantly affect your pocketbook. The extra efficiency of newer equipment can save you a surprising amount of money over time in heating and cooling costs, an average of 30% to 50% savings.

To illustrate the difference, the energy efficiency of HVAC systems is commonly measured in something called the Seasonal Energy-Efficient Ratio, or SEER. Current systems are regularly tested and awarded a SEER Rating, sort of like a miles per gallon (mpg) rating for your car.

Depending on how old your existing system may be, it may only rate a Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 6 or lower whereas a newer system usually has a SEER score of 14 or more. These numbers translate directly into real dollars saved by you, and not spent on unnecessary heating and cooling. Plus, sometimes utility companies will often compensate homeowners to the tune of hundreds of dollars to install high-efficiency systems.

Best of all, lower energy consumption reduces your “carbon footprint” so everyone can breathe easier.

And, the newest technologies are more effective when it comes to controlling temperature and humidity and filtering for clean air in your home or business. New systems are also more environmentally friendly.

When it’s time for HVAC repairs

If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home or business enough, it’s time to call SAYCO and ask about HVAC repairs. We respond quickly 24-7, and we’ll show you all the available options.

Our experienced HVAC technicians can answer any question as well as offer valuable suggestions that are based on SAYCO’s sixty-five years of service to Tucson and the entire southern Arizona region.

Work with experienced HVAC pros


Whether you decide to install a new HVAC system or repair your existing system, SAYCO can help. If your HVAC system isn’t working, we’re your best source for heating and cooling solutions.

We provide comprehensive repair service, maintenance, and sales for all your cooling and heating needs, for any brand or model.

For a free estimate, call SAYCO at 520-887-2926.


At SAYCO, we offer southern Arizona’s best AC repair service. With more than 65 years of serving Tucson and the surrounding areas, we’ve built our well-deserved reputation for top-quality air conditioning service and AC repairs.


If your cooling and heating system isn’t working properly, it may be time to call SAYCO for a new HVAC installation. We can explain the available options, answer your questions, and offer suggestions…


SAYCO is Tucson’s preferred source for cooling and heating repair. Our expert technicians can quickly troubleshoot the issues, suggest the most cost-effective solutions, and perform the right heater repairs…

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