HVAC Installation in Tucson

HVAC Installation in Tucson


If your cooling and heating system isn’t working properly, it may be time to call SAYCO for a new HVAC installation. We can explain the available options, answer your questions, and offer suggestions based on our nearly 70 years of serving the air conditioning and heating needs of Tucson homeowners and businesses.

Our skilled technicians are proficient in reading blueprints connected to the HVAC installation, and will work with you to prepare the space for the installation of the required equipment. This sometimes includes ductwork construction and installation as well as the main components for the system. Our team will also make sure the installation is conducted in compliance with local regulations, with the unit providing just the right amount of heating and cooling for the space, thereby saving you money.

We’re Tucson’s best source for sales, service, and maintenance for your cooling and heating system, whichever brand it may be.

FACT: New HVAC Systems Save You Money

There are several factors to be considered when deciding whether to repair an existing air conditioning system or replace it with an upgraded HVAC installation. Because of the high efficiency provided by new technologies, you’ll generally save a significant amount of money by switching to a new HVAC system.

Depending on the age of your current heating and cooling system, upgrading to a new system could save you an average of 30% to 50% savings on your energy costs. For example, many older systems have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of only 6 or less, while newer systems generally have a SEER rating of at least 14.

Just as importantly, newer air conditioning systems are more effective at controlling humidity and temperature as well as improving the air quality in your home or business, all factors proven to affect overall health and well-being.

Newer systems are also more environmentally friendly – Their lower energy consumption will reduce the “carbon footprint” of your home or business. Plus, newer systems use R-410A refrigerant, which is far better for the environment.

Since the government has mandated the phase-out of older refrigerants, they become scarcer and costlier to use each year. This is yet another reason to consider upgrading your system.

In addition to energy savings, new air conditioning and HVAC systems often qualify for “green energy” tax incentives, manufacturer and utility rebates. And, of course, new air conditioning equipment comes with a full warranty.

Is it time to install a new HVAC system?

The U.S. government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that air conditioners older than 10 years should be replaced with a new HVAC installation.

And, as a rule of thumb, if the cost of repairing your air conditioner would be 30% or more of the cost of buying a new system, and your system is 10 years or older, then the best solution is to upgrade to new technology.

Whether you decide to upgrade to the newest cooling technology or simply repair your existing HVAC system, we can help.

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SAYCO offers the best HVAC maintenance and repair service in the Tucson area. We’ve been serving this community for nearly 70 years, so we have plenty of experience in keeping you cool.


SAYCO is Tucson’s preferred source for cooling and heating repair. Our expert technicians can quickly troubleshoot the issues, suggest the most cost-effective solutions, and perform the right heater repairs…


At SAYCO, we offer southern Arizona’s best AC repair service. With more than 65 years of serving Tucson and the surrounding areas, we’ve built our well-deserved reputation for top-quality air conditioning service and AC repairs.

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